A curated fashion project under Aarhus 2017 with selected Danish talents

Anybody is a curated experience that challenges the norms of the fashioned body.

Through social and cultural ‘rules’ we regulate how we present our bodies to the world. Failing to comply with the standards of the shared bodily behaviour, we often feel inadequacy and shame. We have asked some of the finest Danish fashion and art talents to rethink and reinterpret the body beyond the limits of fashion. They have created new disruptive bodies: plasticised and editable, engulfed by computer virus, metamorphosed, aged, made by chewing gum, randomly enhanced by magnifying glasses, and in the form of cyborg, imaginary friend, mascot and root system. The works will be exhibited in the heart of Aarhus city where they will trigger new and exciting ways of engaging with fashion.

Anybody ‘The Body & Beyond’ exhibition was showcased in the windows of Salling, from the 1st - 9th april 2017.

The SANDERMANN showpiece

Our contribution to the “Anybody” exhibition is a showpiece developed alongside the SANDERMANN debut collection, “All that glitters is gold”. This collection takes its inspiration from the excess of chewing gum lying on the streets of big cities. The project concludes that at the end of its use, chewing gum is thought of as an insignificant thing, spit out mindlessly in the townscape, becoming a decoration. Perhaps this decoration resembles how we drown ourselves in materiality and consumption and thus this garment asks:  What if we treated our bodies the same way?

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