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Today, the fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry after oil. Consumerism is on it's highest and the “take, make, use, throw” economic model thrives. So what's the problem? Growing landfills, oceans full of plastics and toxins in our food and drink water, just to name a few. Environmental sustainability is a very complex matter, and this is why sharing knowledge is key.

So, if you're interested in making a difference, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. SANDERMANN-founder Stine Sandermann, works closely with clients to implement sustainable practices while keeping the commercial aspect in mind. Not only does Stine have experience working as an award-winning independent designer, but also, she's guiding and teaching design students at VIA Design in Herning, Denmark, as a senior consultant in entrepreneurship and sustainability. Having lived in London while studying her Master of Arts in Sustainable Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, Stine has built an extensive and international network, which has undoubtedly given her many opportunities on her journey as an eco entrepreneur within the world of fashion and textile.

Stine does consulting within areas like:


- setting up a business, making sure the business model is sustainable environmentally and economically



...And much more, depending on your needs. Let Stine know you need her help here or via and find out what she can do to impact your business with environmentally friendly and sustainable product development.



As a guest lecturer and senior consultant in the student incubator at VIA Design in Herning, Denmark, Stine has experienced first-hand how sharing her story has influenced students to seek alternative and green approaches to fashion, textile and furniture design rather than going the conventional way. She loves to talk about why she started SANDERMANN, including the ups and downs, and how she sees the future for her business and the industry in general. Furthermore she has co-hosted and facilited a series of succesful workshops at VIA Design called "Sustainable Innovation Traineeship", giving students from very different backgrounds the tools to think green and circular when developing new ideas. The workshop series encouraged the students to come up with innovative business models, test them and finally pitch about them.

Topics for inspirational speaking could be:

  • Stines own story with starting SANDERMANN

  • Sustainable fibres and materials - especially wool

  • Understanding the full life cycle

  • Introduction to sustainable design strategies

Write to to learn more about the possibilities of booking Stine as an inspirational speaker.

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