Through Another Prism



“Through Another Prism”, is about seeing waste material in another light, rebelling against the fashion industry and its environmental issues. The collection is the embodiment of SANDERMANN taking one step further on our mission to save materials from being discarded and transform them into beautiful and mindful garments.


For "Through Another Prism" we started the design process by taking photos of art objects through prisms, glass and water to see what would happen to the shape and color - this would then lead to a collection of photography, which served as visual inspiration for the collection. We also looked into refraction of light and listened to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" which features a prism design in its cover art.

The collection consists of garments made of local waste materials and it examines alternatives to conventional wool fur in a cruelty free way.



Everything is made in Denmark. Photos were taken outside Herning, Denmark, by Cristina Reuter.


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