All That Glitters is Gold



The "All That Glitters is Gold" collection takes its inspiration from the excess of chewing gum lying on the streets of London. The project concludes that at the end of its use, chewing gum is thought of as an insignificant thing, which is spit out mindlessly in the townscape. But what if we thought of it as humans unconsciously decorating the surroundings they live in?

Oh, if we saw how it makes the streets sparkle at sundown. It almost glitters like gold.





The "All That Glitters is Gold" collection explores several new approaches to designing clothing. Some of these garments are made with a zero waste pattern - which means there is no textile waste when the parts are cut. The sweaters are knitted with  SANDERMANN wool yarns spun in Denmark. This type of wool is a waste product of Danish sheep breeding, which is otherwise burned.

Lastly, we introduce a vegetarian and cruelty-free fur coat which is made also from Danish wool

- wool sheared from a sheep that is still very much alive.


Everything is made in Denmark. Photos by Cristina Reuter.


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